Elemental analysis in the «Biolights» laboratory

Analysis by atomic emission spectroscopy at «Biolights»

We and everything that surrounds us consists of chemical elements. Elements can be in the environment in pure form or in the form of chemical compounds. All of them have one or another influence on us: good or bad, depending on which elements it is. Therefore, there is a need for constant monitoring.

Biolights Laboratory performs elemental analysis by inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectroscopy.

Atomic emission spectroscopy method

Analysis by atomic emission spectroscopy at «Biolights»
Conducting analysis
by atomic emission spectroscopy

The essence of this method is to excite the atoms and ions of the substance to be analyzed for a while, with the transition of electrons to higher energy levels and returning them to a stable, unexcited state. This process is accompanied by the release of energy in the form of radiation with a specific wavelength. Thus, the device registers the optical linear spectrum. Each element has its own unique linear spectra, which allows you to accurately identify each element.

Method Advantages

The method of atomic emission spectroscopy is widely used in various industries due to its simplicity, selectivity, the ability to analyze a large number of elements in a wide concentration range, high sensitivity, and good reproducibility of the results. This analysis method does not require a large amount of sample.

Atomic Emission Spectrometer PlasmaQuant PQ 9000 Elite

In the «Biolights» laboratory, the analysis of samples for elements is performed on a PlasmaQuant PQ 9000 Elite atomic emission spectrometer (manufactured by AnalytikJena, Germany).

Elemental analyzes on an atomic emission spectrometer PlasmaQuant PQ 9000 Elite in «Biolights»
Atomic emission spectrometer
PlasmaQuant PQ 9000 Elite

Types of elemental analysis

«Biolights» Laboratory conducts several types of elemental analysis.

1. Analysis of the safety of samples by such indicators:

• cadmium,
• lead,
• mercury,
• arsenic.

The PlasmaQuant PQ 9000 Elite Atomic Emission Spectrometer can analyze up to 70 elements.

2. Determination of trace elements:

Analysis by atomic emission spectroscopy at «Biolights»

• copper,
• zinc,
• iron, etc.

3. Explores content of macroelements:

• calcium,
• potassium,
• sodium, etc.

4. It is possible to analyze some non-metals.

Objects of research

The laboratory has been accredited to ISO 17025 and is constantly gaining new experience in the analysis of elements in water, feed, premixes, feed raw materials, food products, and other objects.

If You need to examine specific samples for micro- and macroelements, and amino acids, please call +38 096 454-11-22 or write to us at clientservices@bls.com.ua.



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