Poultry research experience since 1959 — in Ukraine

60 years of poultry research

Group photo «1st LOHMANN LABORATORY SCHOOL 2019»
Group photo

LOHMANN laboratory was founded in Cuxhaven (Germany) in 1959 and investigates the breeding of egg birds. The company works in Germany, Denmark, Spain, Canada, and the USA.

4-days seminar

From August 12 to 15, 2019, for the first time in 60 years, the laboratory shared its experience at the 4-day seminar «1st LOHMANN LABORATORY SCHOOL 2019».

15 people from 6 different countries studied the experience of the LOHMANN laboratory. From the Biolights, the general director of the laboratory Olga Martynenko and the head of the department of veterinary research Vasilina Andriychuk studied and shared their own experiences.

Prof. Dr. Dietmar Flock from 1969 to 1999, supervised the latest research (R&D) at the LOHMANN laboratory and since 2002 — manages the German Branch of the World's Poultry Science Association (WPSA).

Theory + Laboratory

The general director of the laboratory «Biolights» — Olga Martynenko
Certificate to CEO «Biolights»
Olga Martynenko hands prof. Dr. Matthias Voss.

The training was prescribed both for those who intensively perform or evaluate laboratory diagnostic tests daily and for those who should have basic knowledge about the possibilities and limitations of poultry diagnostics.

The seminar consisted of two parts. A lecture with presentations like «How birds fight infections» or «Bacteriology: classification of bacteria, methods of isolation and identification» and practical — participants studied at «LOHMANN Vet» veterinary laboratory.

Bird paradise — Heligoland Island

The head of the department of veterinary research «Biolights» — Vasilina Andriychuk
Certificate to the head of department
veterinary research «Biolights»
Vasilina Andriychuk hands Dr. Matthias Voss.

The highlight of this school week was a trip to Heligoland Island, thanks to the warm waters of the Gulf Stream, the island has a mild climate, and thanks to isolation from the mainland, it has received amazing flora and fauna, namely a unique population of wild birds.

Every year, tens of thousands of birds nest on the island. Participants had the opportunity to explore the beauty of the island’s nature and take part in an interesting excursion to learn more about birds in nature.

Thanks to «LOHMANN LABORATORY SCHOOL 2019» for the fruitful learning and rich program of rest!

Student certificates

Certificate LOHMANN LABORATORY SCHOOL 2019 — Olha Martynenko
«Lohmnann Tierzucht Certificate»
Olha Martynenko

During the week, Biolights experts exchanged experience, received new knowledge from foreign colleagues. Upon completion, received certificates.

Congratulations to students of the first «LOHMANN LABORATORY SCHOOL 2019» with a successful completion of their studies!

Knowledge is power!

For reference: a quarter of Biolights employees are PhD. The Biolights Expert Center sends employees to all major educational events in veterinary medicine and laboratory diagnostics to exchange experiences and increase knowledge.


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All employees have been trained and certified in accordance with international standards. Our specialists constantly improve their qualification both in Ukraine and abroad.

Certificate USAVA 2019 — Ukrainian Association of Veterinarians of Small Animals
Accreditation certificate — Expert Center of Diagnostics and Laboratory Support «Biolights» LLC
IDEXX 11-12 june 2019 Olga Martynenko
Certificate LOHMANN LABORATORY SCHOOL 2019 — Olha Martynenko
Certificate ALSI Agilent — Palonko Roman Igorevich
Сертифікат ДНДКІ ветеринарних препаратів та кормових добавок — Тишківська Наталія Василівна
Сертифікат The Ukrainian Farmer — Андрійчук Василина
Сертифікат The Ukrainian Farmer — Коваль Катерина
Сертифікат The Ukrainian Farmer — Мартиненко Ольга Анатоліївна
Сертифікат The Ukrainian Farmer — Микитюк Аліна
Сертифікат The Ukrainian Farmer — Тишківська Наталія Василівна
Сертифікат The Ukrainian Farmer — Тишківська Анна Михайлівна
Сертифікат GD Animal Health — Коваль Катерина
Сертифікат International Kylt PCR-Traning — Коваль Катерина
Сертифікат Phenomenex — Пальонко Роман
Сертифікат SocTrade — Мартиненко Ольга Анатоліївна
Сертифікат SocTrade — Тишківська Наталія Василівна
Сертифікат Союз Птахівників України — Андрійчук Василина Василівна
Сертифікат Союз Птахівників України — Мартиненко Ольга Анатоліївна
Сертифікат Союз Птахівників України — Тишківська Анна Михайлівна
Сертифікат НУБІП УЛЯБП АПК — Тишківська Наталія Василівна
Certificate Fapas — Expert Center of Diagnostics and Laboratory Support «Biolights» LLC

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